Ten ways to know he likes you

  1. Body languages- one of the best ways to tell if a guy likes you is to pay attention to what he does with body when he is around you
  2. He gets nervous around you
  3. He makes eye contact
  4. He gives you alot of attention
  5. He smiles alot with you
  6. He find excuses to touch you all the time
  7. He doesn’t use his phone around you
  8. He teases you alot
  9. He compliment often
  10. He connects with you on social media

For the generation to come the right reasons for marriage

  1. Don’t marry because of sex
  2. Don’t marry because you are getting old
  3. Don’t marry because you are of age
  4. Don’t marry because you are lonely
  5. Don’t marry because you need someone to support you financially
  6. Don’t marry because you mistakenly got pregnant for him
  7. Don’t marry because you don’t want to lose the person
  8. Don’t marry because of family pressure
  9. Don’t marry because you like the idea of marriage
  10. Don’t marry because of pity or out of pity


  1. Marry because you are ready for it
  2. Marry because of love
  3. Marry because you want to fulfill God’s purpose
  4. Marry because you want to be a good help-mate.
  5. Marry because you find a life partner.

Ten way to show your man you love him

  1. Buy gift for him,you can gift him T-shirts,shoes,undies .e.t.c
  2. Take him out for lunch and pay his bills at least once in 2 month
  3. Send love text messages occasionally
  4. Give him phone calls daily at least once daily,ask how he is doing and tell him you love him
  5. Occasionally you can cook or once in two weeks
  6. You can also help him financially when he is broke
  7. Take him out for shopping at least once in a year,you will not die
  8. Pray for him
  9. Advise him
  10. Help him to build a bright future